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Injection Therapy

To sustain and improve your beauty, health, and energy, opt for a natural method. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

B12 Injections


About Injection Therapy

Trigger point injections, also known as acupoint injection treatment, involve injecting a local anesthetic or homeopathic solution directly into pathological trigger points to relieve tension and discomfort. Vitamins, herbs, and minerals can also be injected directly into acupuncture sites to increase the body’s unique impact.

Saline injection is effective on its own, but administering a local anesthetic or homeopathic solution can assist break up scar tissue and decrease pain more quickly.

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Healthy Alternatives to Botox

Take your health and beauty into your own hands with homeopathic collagen injections, microchanneling, cold laser/LED therapy, and cosmetic acupuncture. Beauty starts from the inside out and natural approaches can safely reverse wrinkles. Botox, on the other hand, appears to be more preventive than rehabilitative for the majority of patients. Its active component “freezes” face muscles, preventing them from tightening in ways that cause lines and wrinkles to deepen.

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