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Take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing aging while gently reclaiming your health because you are living your best life when your mind and body are completely healthy.


Natural, Safe, & Effective

Pain & Injury

Acupuncture and injection therapy are effective for chronic and acute pain as well as accelerated recovery after injury. The safest, most natural ways to heal pain.

Mood & Sleep

Lift your spirits and stay in your optimal flow. Acupuncture is effective for achieving rejuvenative sleep for radiant health and wellness.

Facial Acupuncture

Constitutional facial acupuncture and cosmetic microneedling are a natural and safe alternative to help treat signs of aging which benefits the whole body.


Results You Deserve

Esprit Acupuncture is your wellness ally:

  • Optimal performance to live your life free of pain.
  • Achieve and maintain serene mood and restful sleep.
  • Naturally be your vibrant, beautiful, youthful self.

Boulder & Longmont Offices

Carmen Merten, LAc has offices in two convenient locations:

143 Sugar Beet Circle
Longmont CO 80501

3825 Iris Ave, Suite 250B
Boulder, CO 80301

Esprit Acupuncture offers services to gently reclaim your health