Esprit Acupuncture offers a variety of treatments to help alleviate physical and emotional suffering.

Carmen Merten treats her patients using the following methods:


Acupuncture is performed with tiny hair-thin needles which are inserted into the skin. The location of the points used has been found to have a high concentration of nerve endings and bundles and capillaries. The nerve fibers transmit signals to the brain to release endorphins and norepinephrine which blocks pain and stimulates the immune system to heal the body.

Electrical Acupuncture

Electric Stimulation also known as e-stim, is a low-level electrical current applied to the acupuncture needles located at various points on the body. This technique is performed to stimulate the body’s Qi and healing processes.


Cupping is one of the safest treatments for pain relief and healing. A suction cup is placed on the skin at the affected area. The vacuum created by the cups allows blood stasis and draws blood and lymph to the area which helps to clean the system of the patient. Cupping is used as the first line of defense for the common cold or flu. It is also used for relaxation, stress relief, and pain suppression for the neck and shoulder area.


An herb called mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) artemisia vulgaris is burned on either on the handle of the needle, directly above the skin, on salt, or on a slice of Ginger. This brings warmth to the acupuncture points and adds the healing properties of the herb to nourish the point and results in faster healing.


Shiatsu is a type of traditional massage therapy that was primarily developed in Japan. With its name derived from the Japanese term for “finger pressure.” This relaxing manual therapy employs pressure massage with finger and palm pressure plus stretching.


This hands-on body treatment uses brushing, rolling, pressing and rubbing to move energy in the meridians and muscles. By stimulating acupuncture points non-musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal conditions can be treated.